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10Kto10X: The WIMS Blast Off Bundle

Whether you’re launching a completely new business, legitimizing a side hustle, or going back to the drawing board with an existing entrepreneurial endeavor, The WIMS Blast Off Bundle is the perfect solution to help you get started and hit the ground sprinting. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or of the serial variety you know that getting your brand and marketing on point is crucial. So, while you focus on building your business and doing what you do best, leave that part to us.

The WIMS Blast Off Bundle includes the following:

  1. Website (Created w/ Wix)

  2. 5 pages: landing page, contact, about, product/service, bonus (client’s choice).

  3. Mobile Friendly.

  4. Standard SEO optimized.

  5. Video

  6. Corporate landing page video (up to 3 minutes).

  7. Half day, onsite shoot.

  8. Up to 4 interviews with partners, employees, clients, and/or testimonials.

  9. Includes music/GFX, B-roll, editing, and post production.

  10. Condensed version for social media (30 seconds).

  11. Social Media Activation

  12. LinkedIn, FB, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram account set up.

  13. Creation of first 30 days’ worth of content.

  14. Content

  15. Press Release.

  16. Launch blog post.

  17. Creative

  18. Logo

  19. Branding Kit.

  20. Stationary (Business Card, Letterhead, etc.)

  21. 4-hour one-on-one strategy session to get launched. Time allocated for feedback, editing, etc. as well.

  22. $250 cash commission for referrals (upon completion of project).


The following options are considered upgrades and not included in the 10Kto10X package. However, we would be thrilled to accommodate you for an additional fee on an ad-hoc basis.

  1. Website – e-commerce functionality.

  2. Video – access to Drone and 360 videos.

  3. Travel across the country is possible and negotiable on a case by case basis.

  4. The specific package will be discussed prior to launch, and additional options are available on an appropriate basis.

**10X does not imply a 100% guaranteed 10X return on revenue.

Visit if you’re interested in registering.

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