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The WIMS Consulting project management service line was born out of our own need to allocate the time and resources more efficiently. The best business models solve real problems. Getting the project management process built and implemented is working wonders for our business, and we realized it would likely do the same for yours.

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Gantt. Excel, Google Sheets, Trello, Jira, Smart Sheets, Asana, SharePoint, Bitrix, BaseCamp, Zoho Project Management. We scoured the web, read countless white papers and articles, watched webinars and seminars, and researched the heck out of this problem until we found the most applicable approach. We didn’t just look for the best methodology, but also the best software stack too. Because just like CRM programs, you can have the best understanding of the principles and software in the world, but if you don’t actually use and implement a program correctly, it will still fail.

Many people conduct project management intuitively, or by using a combination of Outlook, post-it notes, and to-do lists. Others at least have upgraded to a Trello board or Smart Sheet subscription. It’s time to level up and incorporate a robust project management strategy as a core part of your company’s operations.

While we primarily built this for in-house use, we quickly realized how replicable and useful it could be for our clients. It helps improve communication, holds everyone accountable, ensures you are focused, and prioritizes key processes. We spend a lot of time helping our clients get more business and increase revenue; now, we are also focused on helping them retain business long-term. We would love the opportunity to assist your company whether it be through optimizing existing processes or preparing for growth and expansion. 

Project Management Offering

WIMS Consulting can act as your long-term outsourced project manager, or on an ad-hoc project basis as opportunities arise. Our solutions are customized and flexible based on a client’s specific needs. Whether you have a system in place that needs some minor tweaks or you want to start over from scratch, we can help. If you want to migrate to a new software platform, we have you covered.

Our primary objective is assisting you with improving your critical decision-making processes, streamlining your operations by enhancing efficiency, improving accountability, encouraging clear communication, and ultimately increasing your ROI.

Our Process

The WIMS project management service line is centered around the mission and goals of the client. To begin, we conduct an informational interview or discovery call. This is where we take a deep dive into the organization’s operations to get a better understanding of the existing project management systems and policies already in place. During this due diligence phase, we learn what the client thinks is working, what isn’t, identify bottlenecks, etc.


This initial conversation will help frame the service and solutions proposed through a candid conversation that reveals where the organization is and where it desires to go. We have included some example questions below.

Project Management Audit

We provide an audit of your organization’s existing internal processes. After this due diligence phase, we then take the time to thoroughly review and assess. Once this is complete, we come back to you with recommendations and next steps that we believe would lead to the most appropriate project management system for your organization. Before implementation, we review it together to make a cohesive decision that includes the buy-in and commitment from both of our organizations.


Sample Questions:
1.     Describe your current project management/day-to-day operations process. What are three main points that stand out?
2.    Who is involved in the project planning process? Include all key stakeholders/administrators/decision makers, etc.
3.    What software (if any) are you using?
4.    What type of budget and resources do you have to solve this problem?
5.    Have you ever lost a project or not bid on one because of your current internal project management process? Have any other negative experiences occurred because of it?


This is just a high level overview of an ultimately complex process. We would love to connect with you to learn more about how we can assist with your specific project management and operational needs.

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