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As we push further into the online digital world of business, we decided to put together a team of developers that can create, build, manage, and enhance any of the following online ecosystems for your business:

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Development, Artificial Intelligence, & Machine Learning

Online Portal/Platform Development with experience in the following coding languages:

  • C++


  • JavaScript

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • Unity

  • PCI Compliance Training

  • Shell Scripting

  • Credit Card Processing API

  • .NET / VB.NET

  • Linux/UNIX

  • Snort

  • Smoothwall

  • Equifax

  • VM WorkStation 12


UX/Interactive Design

  • Program mapping and symbolic logic


Mobile Application Creation

  • Through our partners, we can help your company build and launch its own proprietary mobile application.



  • Shopify

  • Amazon Fulfillment

  • Wix Stores, etc.

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