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The primary mission of WIMS Consulting is to help your company generate more revenue. We can provide different services, create and implement a robust strategy, and execute each tactic, but everything that we do boils down to that single objective.


There is no one single magic formula or one size fits all approach to doing that. Rather, there are countless methods to help you generate and convert new leads and prospects, retain your existing and new customers, and transform them all into referral sources. The key is to find the specific combination that works best for your company and then relentlessly focus on executing.


A goal without a plan is just a wish, thus everything we do is meant to be measurable, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) focused, metrics-based, results-oriented, and top and bottom line enhancing. We are dedicated to learning the most innovative best practices and implementing them in the most efficient way for you.


The role we play varies based on your company’s existing or desired structure. WIMS Consulting can function as your fully outsourced Marketing department, your existing CMO or Head of Sales support team, or simply a service provider that gives you an extra set of hands on a specific project.

Each project that we work on contains a completely customized pricing structure. We start with an estimated hourly rate, factor in the costs of the required resources, and do our best to anticipate the amount of time each project will take before providing you with an estimated budget in our subsequent proposal. We have done projects based on a set hourly rate and others based on a pre-determined flat price as well. We are very flexible and willing to work with you and your company to ensure that you receive maximum value and ROI (Return on Investment) on each and every project we assist you with.


WIMS Consulting would love the opportunity to assist you and your company with creating and implementing your marketing strategy, CRM program, and any projects spanning across the variety of services we provide.

Our Expertise:

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation

  • CRM Strategy & Implementation

  • Business Development & Lead Generation

  • Business Plans & Start-Up Consulting

  • Website Development, SEO, PPC, & Keyword Search

  • Video Production & Distribution

  • Corporate & Individual Training

  • Public Relations, Social Media, & Advertising

  • Events & Seminars


Fully Integrated Marketing Services:

  • Strategy & Implementation – Business Plan Creation, Marketing Plan, Budgeting & Implementation, Financial Projections, ROI Calculations, Pricing Structure, Business Metrics, Research (Target Market, Competitive Analysis, Demographics), Policies & Procedures Development

  • Web – Website Development, SEO, Keyword Search & Optimization, Targeted Paid Search & Adword Campaigns, Mobile Optimization, Social Integration

  • Branding – Graphic Design, Logo Development, Branding Guidelines, Digital & Print

  • Content Creation – Video, Publishing, Online

    • Blogs, Articles, eBooks, How-To Guides, White Papers, & Podcasts

  • Lead Generation – Target Market Research, List Creation, Sales Pipeline Management, Increase Sales, and CRM Development & Implementation

  • Social Media - Account Creation & Development, Management & Implementation

  • Advertising – Web, Mobile, Product & Service Promotion, Media Buying & Placement

  • Public Relations – Press Release Development & Distribution, Media Relations, New Product & Service Launch







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