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We use a 360-degree analysis of your existing channels, your competitors' content, industry trends, and a target market analysis to discover opportunities to communicate with your desired audience in an efficient and effective way.

We assist with the following:

  • Create and manage new channels and accounts across all relevant platforms

  • Help to establish your audience/followers

  • Develop and implement your entire campaign

  • Supplement your existing efforts by additional content creation

  • Create an editorial calendar and pre-plan future posts

  • Coordinate social media, content, and email campaign design and development

  • Help monetize your content

  • Sync with your e-commerce platform to help increase sales

  • Plan and implement paid advertising via social media channels

  • Brand ambassador program

  • Hosting for Facebook TV/Facebook Live and/or other panels and online opportunities that feature your experts and patients

  • Train leaders on your team to effectively use their social platforms to promote the organization

Whatever objectives you have for your company's social media, we can help. 

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