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Traditionally, the corporate communications department has played an important role in shaping and managing how your business is perceived by your customers, employees, vendors, investors, and the public as a whole. For better or worse, the company’s reputation is shaped by its brand, how it handles both positive and negative situations or events, public statements it makes, messaging and advertising it uses, and reviews about a product or service. Companies have been both built and destroyed on this front as perception often transcends into reality. Needless to say, the role of corporate communications is crucial; however, managing this area well can become overwhelming with the growth of your company. We provide the following services to assist you with keep tracking of everything to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk.


  • Public Relations

  • Media strategy & relations

  • Blogger/thought leader outreach

  • Content distribution

  • Press release creation & distribution

  • New product & service launch

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