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WIMS Consulting is a full service of marketing and sales agency. We don’t only do each well, but we take it a step further by helping to build a bridge between these departments that further enhances each of their effectiveness. To do this, the firm focuses on creating synergy by offering a fully integrated suite of services that work well together when optimized appropriately.


While we work with a variety of companies of all shapes and sizes, our niche is professional services companies. Yet, whether you’re a billion-dollar entity, a pre-revenue startup, an entrepreneur, or a traditional small business owner, we can help you grow, scale, and add value to your business.


Our philosophy of treating clients like business partners whose success is mutually beneficial is one of the guiding principles that sets WIMS apart. Whether you're looking for an "outsourced CMO" or simply some objective assistance on one of your marketing/sales projects, we're here to help.


WIMS Consulting was founded in 2014. After launching in Miami, FL, it now maintains operations in Charlotte, NC, New York City, and will soon be expanding to the west coast in Southern California. While the firm continues to grow, it is still able to serve clients across the entire United States.



Whether you need supplemental marketing and sales assistance and/or you don’t yet have the resources to have these departments in house we can help. We understand that each business is very different, so we customize our services based on your specific needs. We don't solely view you as our client, but rather our business partner as your success directly leads to ours as well. We provide affordable solutions that will tangibly improve sales and revenue growth. Even if the scope of your project requires components that are out of our area of expertise, we have collaborative partnerships with a variety of entrepreneurs that will ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.



  • CRM Strategy & Implementation,

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation,

  • Business Development & Lead Generation,

  • Website Development, SEO, PPC & Keyword Search,

  • Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising & Brand Journalism,

  • Business Plans & Start-Up Consulting,

  • Content Creation, Video Production & Distribution,

  • Corporate & Individual Training, and

  • Events & Seminars.


Fully Integrated Marketing Services:

  • Strategy & Implementation – Business Plan Creation, Marketing Plan, Budgeting & Implementation, Financial Projections, ROI Calculations, Pricing Structure, Business Metrics, Research (Target Market, Competitive Analysis, Demographics).

  • Web – Website Development, SEO, Keyword Search & Optimization, Targeted Paid Search & Ad-word Campaigns, Mobile Optimization, Social Integration.

  • Branding – Graphic Design, Logo Development, Branding Guidelines, Digital & Print.

  • Content Creation – Video, Publishing, Online.

    • Blogs, Articles, eBooks, How-To Guides, White Papers, & Podcasts.

  • Lead Generation – Target Market Research, List Creation, Sales Pipeline Management, Increase Sales, and CRM Development & Implementation.

  • Social Media - Account Creation & Development, Management & Implementation.

  • Advertising – Web, Mobile, Product & Service Promotion, Media Buying & Placement.

  • Public Relations – Press Release Development & Distribution, Media Relations, New Product & Service Launch.

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