WIMS Consulting has helped companies of all sizes and across a variety of niches throughout the health care industry. We support these companies with core business functions such as Marketing, Sales, Technology, Finance, Operations, Investor Relations, Logistics, and more.

We've worked and continue to work with hospitals and systems, as well as entities focused on health-tech, fitness, wellness, insurance, medical devices, education, research, dental, supplements, and more.

In addition, our portfolio company called HART - Healthcare Augmented Reality Toolkit (website launching soon) that creates/builds virtual worlds and brings health care related activities and functions to life in 3D VR/AR (also available on mobile, tablet, and via simulcast). For example, we build hospital tours/pre-construction developments, surgical renderings, showcase medicine, treatments, and research findings, etc. in a dynamic way.

We aren't here to sell you on the value and potential of the health care industry, that’s clearly obvious and far from necessary. Rather, this page is meant to approach the topic from the perspective of how we can help companies within the industry to growth their business, identify potential opportunities to innovate and incorporate new technologies, streamline and improve operations, and to become informed about what opportunities and threats lie ahead so that they can be proactive and take action. It is our aim to help you increase your ROI, remain competitive over the long haul, and push forward, taking on the future boldly.

The primary mission of WIMS Consulting is to help your company generate a higher ROI. We can provide a lot of different services, create and implement a robust strategy, and execute each tactic, but everything that we do truly boils down to that one single objective of adding more value to your firm.

Our approach and work product is all meant to be measurable, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) focused, metrics-based, results-oriented, and top and bottom line enhancing. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by always learning the latest and most innovative best practices along with the most efficient way to implement them.

The role we can play will vary based on your company’s existing and/or desired structure. WIMS Consulting can function as various fully outsourced departments, or as your external CMO, Head of Sales, CFO, support team, etc. Or we can simply act as a consultant/solutions provider on a specific project.

It is our aim to provide concierge level service and be the “easy button” you press when you just need and want to focus on your core functions yet need to get everything else done too.

Our Value Proposition - the reason we will make a great partner to your company:

  • Deploy us to help manage and scale your company in any of the areas we highlight throughout our practice areas.

  • Consolidate various consultants, departments, service providers, and bring under one firm to help streamline operations, maximize areas of expertise, and achieve economies of scale.

  • We help aggregate data across a variety of sources, filter it, and convert these metrics into a compelling story to ensure your investors, board members, management, employees, and stakeholders remain informed and happy with progress across the entire company.

    • Further, when the desired results aren’t achieved and adjustments do need to be made, we ensure that story is told as well, along with preemptively bringing potential solutions to the table.

  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves, yet also worked in the corporate world too. We’ve operated and grown businesses from startup and beyond. Our team has acquired quite a bit of experience across a variety of stages in the growth cycle of companies and across many of the sub-industries related to health care as well.

Our Services Include (among others request our deck for more):

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation

    • Fractional CMO

    • Website Development​

    • Marketing Automation

    • Creative - Content Creation & Distribution

    • Data Analytics

  • Sales - Bus Dev/CRM Strategy & Implementation

    • Salesforce.com, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.​

    • Lead Generation

    • Sales Strategy and Deployment

  • Finance & Accounting

    • ​Fractional CFO​​

    • Financial Modeling & Forecasting

    • Financial Reporting

    • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Operations & Support

    • Investor Relations​

    • Project Management

    • Administrative Support

  • Software & Platform Development

    • Full Stack Software & Platform Development​

    • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Platform & Application Development

    • AI & Machine Learning



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