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Proud to Announce My Acceptance on the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Central Chapter Board

I’m honored to announce that my tenure on the board of the (formerly Charlotte Chamber of Commerce) Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is extending, although evolving. Since transitioning off the CCYP board (Young Professionals – now the Charlotte Alliance Young Professionals) I have now joined the Central Chapter board!

To get some insight into what that means:

“The specific chapters play a key role in driving the mission to connect, innovate and grow opportunity for ALL who do business in Charlotte. The purpose of the Central Chapter is to serve as a liaison within its service area between the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance and its membership. The chapter will offer programs and initiatives as well as facilitate communication aimed at the fulfillment of the chamber’s mission. The geographical regional boundaries of the Central Chapter include: Center City, Wilkinson Boulevard to the north and Morris Field Drive to the east, Monroe Road and Sharon Amity Road.”

Considering my firm’s office is right near uptown Charlotte this looks to be a really great fit.

I will certainly miss the Young Professional’s board as it was not only rewarding professionally, but it was also such a blast. Helping to chair the inaugural “YP Leadership Convergence” was an experience I’ll never forget. It left such a profound impact that I’ve volunteered to be on the committee yet again despite my varying scope from the board perspective.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with the result of the merger between the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and the Charlotte Regional Partnership, there is an entirely new name, branding, messaging, and focus. A lot of time and effort went into creating this so I’ll allow them to articulate the specifics for you…

“As one, we stand untied for all – in partnership with every county, investor and member, we will unify, strengthen and grow a region that is better together.  We are a champion for all, celebrating and supporting diversity across businesses, talents and views.  We innovate for all, thinking and acting forward in the ways we attract, support and do business.

And by showing integrity in all we do, we spread the good for all. With united vision and bold action, we will create the most vibrant, innovative and healthy economy in the nation.

One region with one dream of prosperity for all, we are the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.

Vision With united vision and bold action, we will create the most vibrant, innovative and healthy economy in the nation. Mission We enthusiastically collaborate to promote and advance the Charlotte region, creating opportunity, economic growth and prosperity for all.

We stand for:

BUSINESS recruitment, expansion, innovation and intelligence BRAND strategy, promotion, communications and engagement TALENT attraction, development, involvement and retention Economic and public policy ADVOCACY and influence

Core Values

Stand United For All We collaborate to unity, strengthen and grow a region that is better together.

Innovate For All We creatively promote and support new, existing and prospective businesses to foster opportunity throughout our community.

Be A Champion For All We advocate for diverse businesses, talents and views to create a vibrantly inclusive business community.

Spread The Good For All We genuinely care about our investors, partners and their success, working with them to advance the greater good.

Remain Accountable For All WE lead with integrity to establish, build and maintain trust.

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