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WIMS Client Spotlight: The Branded Company

THEBRANDEDCOMPANY, a collective for clean, is on a mission to keep you safe so you can tell your story. THEBRANDEDCOMPANY was founded in response to an emergency request from one of the largest delivery and logistics companies in the world at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since their launch, THEBRANDEDCOMPANY has helped numerous global brands secure affordable and high-quality protective cloth masks as well as other branded and unbranded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Comfortable, effective, and support for up to 12 color printing, thebrandedmask™ is trusted by many of the world’s most recognizable companies. They also just recently launched thebrandedmask™ v2 with adjustable ear straps and nose bridge.

THEBRANDEDCOMPANY also believes in sustainable sourcing. They work around the clock to responsibly source the highest-quality materials that are handcrafted in their various facilities across the globe. They are committed to having a consistent product and a reliable supply chain.

Their products include:

  1. thebrandedmask™

  2. thebrandedsanitizer

  3. thebrandedwipe

  4. thebrandedbag – a customizable & portable safety kit

  5. Nitrile, Vinyl & HDPE Gloves

  6. Surgical 3 ply masks

  7. Thermometers

Check out their website for information on getting branded personal protective equipment for your company!

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